About Us

Ever wondered what most shoes are made of, for which these are appreciated for their stellar performance and higher service life? It is raw materials like EVA Compound and PVC Compound, where EVA means Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and PVC means Polyvinyl Chloride, which are used in manufacturing shoes. With rising need of these raw materials in quality, Mohan Plastics was formed in the year 1981.

Our organization is a premier name that is well-performing the job duties of a manufacturer and supplier. Our EVA Shoe Sole, EVA Footwear are highly appreciated by shoes manufacturing companies for the fact that these are pristine in composition and highly reliable to use.

We have indulged ourselves in the manufacturing of above said compounds in many hues, so that shoes manufacturing companies can make different colors of base.

Our Business Growth from Idea to Maturity

Our company likes being called famous and reputed as it is these two words, which hints our company's successful growth. Our business growth, from the day we started working on the idea which is formation of the company to maturity that we gained after a few years of working in the industry, has been impressive. What played crucial role in our growth are many factors like acceptance in the market, support of talented employees, growing market presence, increasing customer-base, continuity in production of quality EVA Shoe Sole, PVC Sole, EVA Sole and PVC Compounds, healthy market competition and more. Our excellent growth rate in the Indian Industry is helping us expand our business to various regions.

Our Longstanding Impresses Our Clients

Mohan Plastics stepped in the industry in 1981 and year after year, it has been experiencing rise in sales and customer-base. The reason for our company's growth is because of the fact that customers have a good opinion about our company due to our longstanding in the market. As a longstanding company, we have gained a deep insight into making quality best products and maintaining healthy relationships with all customers.

Our Strengths
  • Our quality control department, where all compounds are checked stringently.
  • Our hi-tech production and packaging machines, which aid in large quantity production.
  • Our customer-benefiting policies, which help us retain our large customer base.

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